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What questions will you ask?

We provide a list of possible questions, and we will do a pre-interview session to go over them. Most of these are open ended so there are many follow-up questions. If there are specific questions you would like asked, topics we should focus on or even areas we should avoid, please mention them to us in the pre-interview.

What should I wear for my interview?

Wear whatever you would like to wear, but don’t be uncomfortable just for the video. Wearing something comfortable is completely acceptable and preferred!  The only thing we ask is that you stay away from wearing all white, and stay away from thin or busy patterns. Solid colors are best.

What should I bring? 

No need to bring anything at all, except the stories you’d like to tell!

My relative’s memory is fading.  Will that be an issue?

It’s only natural for us to forget the details from when we were young but often, when the right questions are asked, memories will come back to the surface. For that reason, many of the questions that are asked will be open-ended and designed to bring a person back to a specific place or time like “describe the home and neighborhood you grew up in”. While we are not necessarily looking for a description of the house or neighborhood, the process of remembering often triggers memories from their childhood that may otherwise stay buried under the surface.

How will I get my video?

We will deliver your video online, via your own private page where you can also download it to keep, share or post.  We can also provide a beautiful, keepsake flash drive that you can plug in directly to many devices for immediate viewing.

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