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Telling Your Story


  • Review the interview questions at least a week before your studio visit and think about the stories and memories you would like to talk about.

  • Come camera-ready, with your hair and makeup the way you like it.  We will also treat you to light hair and makeup before the interview.

  • We will have snacks and drinks available for you.

  • If you would like to bring someone with you, please limit to two people.


  • You will sit on a comfortable chair as a producer asks you questions that were sent in advance. 

  • Feel free to write notes down to help you prepare, but during filming, we ask that you leave your notes aside and focus on the interview.

  • The hours go by fast!  Try to be as concise as possible in your responses.

  • Be comfortable and treat it like a conversation with a new friend. And most of all - be yourself!


  • One revision round of editing is included in the cost. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like changed about the first version of your video.

  • Once you approve, you will receive the final video via a download link, that will be posted on your own private page. 

  • A customized, keepsake USB drive containing the video can also be added for an additional cost.

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